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The wines

From the passion and the daily work, our wines are born, a combination of tradition, expressed by the Vermentino and the Cannonau, and international grapes, represented by Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot. Through meticulous processes throughout the year, and in every production phase, we try to offer only the best to our customers, with the hope that, by tasting our wines, the love we feel for our land and our work, create emotions destined to last over time.


Granite soul and Sardinian roots give life to the most proud son of Gallura: the Vermentino

The  Vermentino Animas is the firstborn of our vinery, and could not fail to reflect the tradition and characteristics of the  Gallura wines. Its grapes, 100% Vermentino, are born in our lands of Berchiddeddu, precisely in the Juanne Chijina vineyard, formed by a granitic weathering ground and characterized by strong temperature changes between day and night, which enhance aromas and quality.

Animas looks straw yellow with golden reflections, the aromas are delicate and persistent, fruity and floral.

The scent is mineral with reminders of salty notes and flint stone that preempt elegant exotic fruit and pear smell. The main flavor characteristics are freshness and minerality, on the whole is balanced and persistent.

On the palate, the entry is sapid, decisively fresh and it weaves with the alcohol-glyceric elements enhancing mouth aromas. Long finish with delicate almond notes.

A table wine in pair with traditional seafood dishes and white meats.

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Sardinian rosè doc cannonau
The robust cannonau, after the night, wakes up at dawn with a new and rosy delicacy.

The Rosé Cannonau Prima Lughe (first light), lights up the palate with its unexpected delicacy, expression of a colorful territory that can give great whites, reds and rosés. Its grapes, 100% Cannonau, are born in our lands of Berchiddeddu, precisely in the Juanne Chijina vineyard, 220 meters above sea level, formed by a granitic weathering  ground and characterized by strong temperature variations between day and night, which enhance its aromas and quality.

Prima Lughe looks faint pink with vivid coppery glares.

The olfactory bouquet is exuberant, of peach and almond flowers with notes of aromatic herbs and yellow pulp fruit.

The sip is rich with a beautiful synergy between imposing sapidity and decisive freshness that accompany the long finale in which the fruity and enveloping tones are re-presented.

A table wine in combination with traditional seafood dishes and white meats.

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