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A unique land

In the North-Eastern sector of Sardinia, there is a territory, which has always stood out for its geomorphological peculiarities and for its natural projection towards the peninsula: Gallura.

It is characterized by a granite base over 300 million years old, its soul, modified and shaped over the centuries, which together with the strong winds that lash and cradle the vines, gives life to one of the key products of the territory: the Vermentino di Gallura, the only DOCG of Sardinia. It has always been a land devoted to agro-pastoral exploitation, although, due to its rugged landscapes, mainly to sheep farming. Nowadays, especially in the last few decades, the wine business has increased ever more. 

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Only few of us are lucky enough to work in such a diverse landscape: it passes from the crystal-clear sea, starting from Badesi to San Teodoro, alternated by the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park and the Marine Protected Area of ​​Tavolara Punta-Coda Cavallo. Then you can move on, to wetlands such as the Porto Taverna and San Teodoro ponds, which are home to a great biological wealth. In the hearth of Gallua you will find Monte Limbara (1363 m above sea level), which welcomes a high variety of fauna and flora.

Gallura is also history: starting from the prehistoric and protohistoric attestations, with domus de janas, sacred wells and nuraghi; from the remains of the Roman and medieval ages to the more recent ones that most distinguish it: the “stazzi”. In such a heterogeneous and diversified context, we treat our vineyards with care, with the awareness of being in a unique environment.


The lighthouse of a multiform territory

Located in the north of the island, in the Levantine coast, and currently the main center of this area, the city has always been, since the outset, one of the main gates for Sardinia. It is located in a river valley that is now submerged, a legacy of a past that has indelibly left its traces in the landscape. Within this context we find the Padrongianus River which, with its sedimentary contribution, forms what can be considered the only delta mouth of Sardinia; furthermore, due to its naturalistic importance, was crated the Padrongianus River Park.

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The conformation of its gulf, decidedly protected, attracted the attention of different populations over the centuries: Phoenicians, Greeks, Punic, Romans, up to the judicial age and the interference of the cities of the peninsula; still today the center bears the Greek name Olbìa (“happy”).

Currently the city is an important tourist destination thanks to its beaches such as Porto Istana, sa Rena Bianca, Ira beach, Capo Ceraso and many other gorgeous beaches. The Gallura capital also owes its fortune to the village of Porto Rotondo and especially to its proximity to the Costa Smeralda. Today, as in ancient times, we see its importance, as a gateway to reach Sardinia, in the port and in the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, which each year allow an increasingly high influx of travelers. Between past, present and future, the city, like its lighthouse for sailors, remains and will remain the reference point of a territory with multiple souls.


A green oasis just a few steps from the sea

A few kilometers from Olbia, surrounded by greenery, we can find a small town, Berchiddeddu. Despite being only 20 minutes away from the beaches its altitude is about 300 meters above sea level: a good altitude for the cultivation of the vine also thanks to the temperature difference between night and day.

It is in this area, in a valley surrounded by rivers, the historical part of our company is born, more precisely in the Sos Campittos area. Here in a unique scenery with breathtaking views of cork oaks, strawberry trees, brooms and all the other plants that make up the Mediterranean scrub, our vineyards have been an integral part of this beautiful ecosystem since the 1970s; today also our wine-making winery is located in these lands. Currently, in this place we can count on about 6 hectares of vineyard surface of different ages and varieties; most of it, about 4 hectares, with black grapes (CannonauMerlotCabernet Sauvignon) and the remaining 2 hectares planted with white grapes (Vermentino).

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In these lands, we do not devote ourselves only to the vines but also to the almond trees, splendid trees that, between February and March, give us a unique spectacle during flowering and above all they give fruits rich in taste and with properties unique to health. In this setting, immersed in uncontaminated nature, we work with passion to create quality wines (in synergy with our vineyard of Loiri), trying to involve our customers’ feelings and pass on our love for the vineyard and wine. 

Loiri – Porto San Paolo

A small town with a double beauty

This small Gallura municipality is bordering with the largest municipality of Olbia and, with it, shares one of the greatest beauties of Sardinia: the sea. In fact, the municipality of Loiri Porto San Paolo has two distinct souls: the marine soul and the rural soul. The town of Porto San Paolo overlooks the sea and it is a famous tourist destination. From here, by sea, you can reach a real natural masterpiece: the island of Tavolara, the most brilliant jewel of the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo. The most important beach of the municipality, located a few minutes from Porto San Paolo, is undoubtedly Porto Taverna, from which we can admire two different ecosystems: the sea (overlooking the island of Tavolara) and the pond of Porto Taverna (a damp area located behind the beach).

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If we head towards the hinterland, we can reach the municipal capital, Loiri. Here the marine soul leaves room for the rural soul. In the rural area of ​​Loiri, we can easily find farms and above all vineyards; it is just a few steps from the town that the youngest part of our company is born. In fact, in 2013, about 4 hectares of vineyards were planted with white grapes (Vermentino). Here the nearby sea (in an airline about 10 km away) conditions the agronomic and enological development of our products, thanks to a direct channel with a view of Capo Figari, which brings a savory sea wind to our vineyard. Despite a not high altitude (going from 60 to 130 meters above sea level), we can get good temperature ranges between night and day thanks to a stream that surrounds our vineyards. In this context with a dual soul, we work with passion to create quality wines (in synergy with our vineyard of Berchiddeddu), trying to involve our customers’ feelings and pass on our love for the vineyard and wine.

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