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At Cantine Animas we are more than aware of living and working in a unique environment, Sardinia. An environment that must be protected and cared for with all our strength. For this reason, we preserve biodiversity in our company, trying to safeguard every species that lives on the farm’s soil. To concretely protect our land, we spontaneously adhere to the integrated production program, a quality system created to limit the use of chemical products and eliminate incorrect cultivation techniques. We apply this program to be ready in the future for the big step towards organic farming, the only way to preserve the health and quality of the products. Our goal is not only to create a good product, but also to collaborate with nature to give us only its best fruits.


Our philosophy is simple but at the same time challenging and stimulating: bring the highest quality grapes to the vinery, to transform their essence into wine, with the least possible alterations. To achieve this we work with passion 365 days a year, helping and directing our vines towards the best possible result. Every single plant is important and is part of a great mechanism that gives life to our IGT, DOC and DOCG wines from the earth. Thanks to various manual jobs, such as dry and green pruning and strictly manual harvesting, we are able to maintain a high quality of the grapes throughout the production cycle. With effort and sacrifice, we try to create quality wines that can be appreciated and loved by our customers and with the certainty of putting our whole soul inside.


The quality of the grapes is fundamental to obtain top-level wines but, without the technology in the processing and production phases, this intent is impossible to achieve. Through careful processing throughout the year, we are able to bring splendid grapes to the vinery, which, thanks to careful work, are able to express their best. The intent is not to ripen the grapes and their soul but, on the contrary, to transform their peculiar characteristics, using crushers and last generation presses. This process takes place in a controlled temperature environment to keep the characteristics of the wines as much as possible and avoid alterations due above all to oxidation. The synergy between quality, sustainability and technology gives birth to our wines, full of passion and love for the earth that, through technological innovation, look towards the future.

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