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Reflections of Sardinia

Wine passion

Reflections of Sardinia

Animas is a young company, but only on paper; in fact, our know-how in growing and winemaking dates back to 3 generations. In 2018, we decided to put ourselves into play to give our customers increasingly high quality products: we know that our land, if loved with passion, can express its full potential. We are in Sardegna, more precisely in Gallura, an area strongly suited to the cultivation of vines, where the only Sardinian DOCG is born, the Vermentino di Gallura.

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Our is a story rich of passion and redemption, which started in Olbia countryside and has a child as main character, forced from 40s situation to work as shepherd to help his family sustenance. Later, left his Island to find a job, his thoughts stayed always connected to his land. Approximately thirty years later, he was a grown-up, but the images of that child that barefoot walked those paths, were still in his mind. He came back to those lands and decided to buy them to grow a vineyard, passing down that passion to the next generations.

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Currently Animas can count on 13 hectares of vineyard surface evenly divided between white grapes (Vermentino) and black grapes (CannonauMerlotCabernet Sauvignon). The vineyards are divided into 2 lots distinguished by position, altitude, climate and terrain: one of them is closer to the sea near Loiri and the other one is in the hinterland of Berchiddeddu. Thanks to these differences, we are able to create wines with a variety of characteristics that well represent the various facets of the Gallura lands. Our logo, so particular, is strongly linked to the territory and the history of Sardinia. In fact, it is a representation of the soul that can be found in different necropolis and domus de janas situated in our island. With our wines, we aim to create a sensory journey that can make you taste all the colors, the smells, the tastes and the reflections of our land: in short, all its soul.

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From the passion and the daily work, our wines are born, a combination of tradition, expressed by the Vermentino and the Cannonau, and international grapes, represented by Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot.

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Via Su Carru, 12
07026 Berchiddeddu – Olbia (SS)

+39 345 587 6123 (Alessandro)
+39 340 165 0538 (Marco)
+39 348 383 7787 (Davide)


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